The 5 Best Android Apps For Learning Music

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Music just happens to be something that many people develop a passion for but not everyones makes it to music academies for a number of reasons ranging from the fact that they can’t manage it in their time or simply that they’re just not fully motivated to make the commitment to music as a hobby. Well, if it’s any of these then this little list of apps should be enough to make things easier for you.



Music Tutor Sight Read

The first step to learning music is to actually learn to read music as a language and for that you need to hit the basics. What this app does is that it takes the task of teaching you the music staves in a fun way by making it like a game/quiz. It can ask you for a note and you choose it’s key from the keyboard and there are also un-timed versions which are simply for the sake of learning.



Chord! Guitar Chord Finder

Many people own a guitar but not all of them know how to play it, but with the internet now one can literally learn with ease. Chord! Guitar Chord Finder shows you the structure of different chords on the neck of a guitar and you can also strum the strings to know how it sounds. By learning about the basic positioning from the app you can actually learn and practice it on your guitar. It has over 400 different chords in its database. It’s also flexible for left handed people and also it gives you the options to save the structure of chords as PDF files which can be shared as well.



My Piano Assistant

This app can make the journey pretty exciting if you’re a newbie learning the piano and plan to get far with it. It shows you the basic chords and scales and also shows you where the keys to specific notes are located on the piano and lastly it also tells you how it sounds. Using these fun features one can also compose music by combining different chords.



Mobile Metronome

For those hard core drum lovers or simply newbies, Mobile Metronome lets you keep track of all the basics about drumming including the time signature, pace keeping and the number of beats while practicing on the drum and the clarinet. It’s a pretty smooth and well functioning app.



Ultimate Guitar Tabs

It gives you access to unlimited number of tabs and chords of songs that you can practice on and the best part is that you can save the chords for offline view later on. However you need basic knowledge about guitar chords so as to understand what the app teaches.

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