The 5 Best Apps of 2017 For Windows

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With 2018 just started, we decided to round up the best apps of 2017 that you could have on your Windows PC to make it a whole lot more useful and productive along with not taking up a lot of space to the point that your computer starts lagging because of them. Moving on to the list;



With everything else included, the fact that I love the most is the ease this app puts into your life. You can literally share media across devices from this app in the easiest possible way. Lets assume you have a movie on your computer, you can stream it on your smart TV (using your network of course) and meanwhile you can control it from your phone. Though the app is free but if you want to share videos for longer than a minute, you need to pay £3.89 which is still much cheaper than chrome cast so in my opinion, what else could you want?



Adobe Photoshop Element 15

With this I’d suggest that you don’t want it if you’re struggling with hard disk space but if you’re nit having space issues than the benefits of this little app weigh out the price of  £59.49. The extra professional feels this gives from basic cropping and red-eye fixes and  controlling the content across different devices, you can do almost anything (literally anything) with pictures and not just that, the interface is super easy to use, every thing is easily done in your app.



Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

I won’t ever recommend paying for a PDF reader (unless it’s absolutely amazing) and with that, the Xodo reader is free and this is not just a reader, you can do almost anything with PDF documents including annotations, signs and comments and it even gives you online collaborations to share the content across devices and servers. You can also handle multiple documents at once with tabs so it’s pretty much everything in one app.



VLC Media Player

We’ve all heard about it and yes, it is actually a pretty useful media player indeed and the best part is that it’s free. It plays videos in literally every format possible and also gives you all basic controls in an amazingly convenient way. You can also organize your media library by hooking it up with your network and the wide codec support is probably the best part.



Torrex Pro

So it costs £6.69 and what it does is that it lets you download videos from your browser and the even better part is that you can watch while downloading. It’s not a heavy app and doesn’t take up much space at all, doesn’t slow down your PC either so with something that does this much and runs smoothly, it’s one thing you should have.

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