6 Apps For Home Maintenance

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Home maintenance can be an extremely hard to carry burden especially when you’re working 9 to 5 or simply having a very demanding life style. And if none of these is the case, you still find it a hassle to get along with home maintenance. Leaving no stones unturned towards achieving a happy productive life, we have gathered up a list of some apps that silently sit in your phone but make sure your home is not neglected when it comes to taking care of every nook and corner. Have fun reading!




So it’s particularly about your home, you enter the details of your home and it does the rest. Coming up with ideas for your themes and preferences and giving you seasonal updates saves you from the trouble of googling everything and then rounding it up. It also notifies you about preventive measures relevant to the weather and saves you from what you might have to spend otherwise.




Let’s, for a minute, talk about saving on hefty maintenance. Bright Nest has you covered. To start with, it’s completely free on iPhones and Android and it’s basically about some amazing home maintenance hacks that help you things done around the house. You can keep on entering your savings and set maintenance goals so it has everything organised for your home.




So lets get a little real about this one. You have every potentially hassling organised when this lies in your phone. Track your home inventory with receipts and warranties and even the property taxes and legal paperwork. Regarding the maintenance, you can save contacts for the buddies you reach out to when things need a hand and also set up alerts for remembering when what has to be done.




So the app is basically about reviews from people all around the world who share their experiences of getting things fixed without professional help. Technically, you’re just saving on ALOT of money on professional help over something that can be pulled off at home. The even better part is that it’s not limited to just home repairs, you can literally find repairing hacks for vehicles, devices, tools and everything else.




Ever considered buying new furniture, well yeah we’ve all been through it. So the Houzz app lets you put furniture inside your home and then deliberate over whether you like it or not, all in your phone. Select from a huge gallery of items and then using the “View In My Room In 3D” option, you can literally place it where ever you want, no regrets after buying because you would know in advance how it looks!



iHandy Carpenter

So the app gives you a number of carpenter related tools which can potentially find some very important uses in household. Like a bubble level when you’re hanging a portrait and many other pretty useful features.





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