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7 Important Things To Know Before Buying A Hoverboard

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You must have seen teens riding a self-balancing scooter, also known as Hoverboard, in your society. It is, undoubtedly, one of the interesting devices you can have for yourself. You may think that all the hoverboards are the same but there are significant differences as far its features and functionalities are concerned. Therefore, if you lack apt knowledge, buying a hoverboard can be an arduous task for you. Here are 7 important things you should know before buying a hoverboard.

Knowing About The Wheel Size

If you have plans to use a hoverboard indoors, then the size actually doesn’t matter and you can go for any size you desire. But, when it comes to outdoors, your hoverboard will go through various bumps and cracks. If you go for the 6.5-inch hub, it won’t find any problem handling up to quarter inch bumps, however, if they are larger than that, then it is advisable to go for 8 inches. If you have plans to cover larger distances, then ideally you should go for a 10-inch hub. So, this decision will become a balance between comfort and portability.

Knowing The Motor Wattage maxres defaultCredit –

If the size of your hoverboard is small, then remember the motor will also be small. But, it does not make any difference to the weight limit, performance, longevity, and speed. All you need to ensure is that you have paired it properly, or else you have too much or too little torque for your wheels, hence making it harder for you to ride. If you really want to have a comfortable and smooth ride, then you should know about the following motor wattage –

  • Total 500 watts is enough for the 6.5-inch wheel.
  • Total 600 watts is enough for the 8-inch wheel.
  • Total 700 watts is enough for the 10-inch wheel.

In order to have apt wattage for the wheel, you can divide these numbers by two. If the seller is not aware of these numbers, then make sure you move on to the next seller.

Knowing The Safety Standards

In the past, the hoverboards have been involved in various unfortunate incidents. So, while purchasing, there are safety standards you should follow such as UL 1642 or UN 38.3 (batteries) and UL 60950-1 (charger). In addition, always purchase from the authorised manufacturers, make sure you have checked the customer’s reviews & ratings, for safety make sure you wear helmets, elbow and knee caps. It is also important to adhere to the recommended charging procedures.

Knowing The Portability   sarah mitroff hoverboard

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If rocketing around the town all day is your plan, then you should definitely check the weight of the hoverboard. The standard weight of a hoverboard is close to 20-plus pounds, some models may have 30-pounds. If you are well-built, then it won’t be a problem to carry around for brief periods, but carrying it for a long time can be a laborious task. Make sure you have purchased the one you find convenient.

Knowing The Charging Time

A hoverboard, usually, take 3-4 hours to charge fully, it can run up to two hours, and it will help you cover a maximum of 14 miles on a single charge. The battery life is also dependent on various elements including –

the speed at which you are riding your hoverboard, the surface, your weight and how much battery is left. You can opt for a hoverboard that takes a relatively short time to charge or you can go for a device having longer battery life. There are certain things you need to know –

  • Never use a third-party charger.
  • Never overcharge the battery.
  • Always follow the recommended charging guidelines.

Knowing The Body Weight

Different hoverboard can support varied body weights up to 120 kilograms. If you really want to ensure you don’t strain the board, consider buying a device that can easily carry more than your total body weight. Let us assume if you are 100 kilograms, then 10-in will be an ideal choice. But, in case you weigh below that, then 7-in board will be apt for you.

Knowing The Speed

The average speed of a hoverboard is 10mph, but remember the speed can vary as per various elements – the model, the body weight of the rider, and the type of wheel. As mentioned, the average speed of a hoverboard ranges from 10-12 miles, but in case of high-end boards it can go up to 17 miles per hour. In case of Airwheel type, the minimum speed for a low-end model ranges between is 4-6 miles and the for the premium models it is 24-28 miles.

[Note: this is a guest post by Sophia Jones, a journalist and a creative writer]

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