All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

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An Overwhelmingly Good Looking Phone
Samsung Galaxy S8

The New S8? How big a deal is it?

Well Samsung has had a rough time handling its reputation because of the battery problems that accompanied the Note 7. As for the Samsung Galaxy S8, it really is a big deal because this is most probably the last thing that would help customers restore their faith in Samsung. So we do get the idea that this is the next big thing as Samsung has quite a lot to lose if this doesn’t work out as expected.


What’s So Good About it?

The first that we should be considering about the new S8 is that this phone is super good looking with a 5.8″ and 6.2″ screen it should inevitably stand out while you hold it in your hand in a room full of people. But this is not all that matters since Blackberry stands out just as much. When considering performance, Samsung breaches the wall once again and leaves no room for poor performance. A 4GB RAM and an Octa-Core Processor clears much of the curiosity about the performance.

We all know how agonising pathetic batteries can be but a 3000 mAh and 3500mAh gives a real good backup for the work day. But if your old phone isn’t giving much trouble then I would suggest to wait until we get some feedback about battery issues. Hopefully Samsung has been extra careful about the batteries in the Samsung Galaxy S8.


There have been some first hand experiences about particularly how uncomfortable it is to use the finger print sensor, mainly because its way down the average reach of your thumb when you grip the 5.8″ device. So far the only set back that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has to bear with is the patience of the users every time they unlock the phone using the finger print sensor. Apple surely does better in this field.

Does The Camera Meet My Expectations?

I’d say, It absolutely does. For a phone that costs 750$, the camera is absolutely worth it. With an 8MP front and 12MP, the camera does everything you want it to do.The native camera apps are super easy to control and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is surely competitive with its camera.

Are You Carefree With Your Phone?

A Glass Back Can Crack

Well looks like a glass back can add to the damage that you may have to face incase you drop your Samsung Galaxy S8. The curved edges are also somewhat easier to crack but we can’t totally be sure. A new phone is used extra carefully and we don’t consider it to be something we can use everyday and not be too careful with, but thats only the new phone feeling. After the initial glamour is gone, we know we will drop it at some point. When that happens with the S8, be prepared to encounter not only a cracked screen but also a cracked back. More glass puts in more vulnerabilities.


Is It Worth 750$ ?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expensive, but for a phone that looks this good and gets all this attention when you hold it, it is definitely worth your money.



  1. Nice Explanation of Specs. I was thinking of buying a new S8 and this greatly helped me make my choice. Thanks 😊

  2. It was very informative . It absolutely changed my mind as i’v been using iPhone for a long time but now i am thinking of switching to S8

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