The Android Flagship Phones Of 2017

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Android over the years has made it’s way to the hearts of many users who preferred it over iPhones and while it has only been growing since it started and it’s been an operating system for phones, tabs and even computers, some phones have taken android to the most powerful and useful everyday companion of ours and that makes them the flagship phones of 2017. All considered to be the best and most efficient phones of our time (which run android), we have gathered some of the top ones here today.



Samsung Galaxy S8



Coming up as a beautiful looking 5.8 inch device that gives you a 12MP camera, a 4GB RAM and a 3000 mAh battery. Though you will find many other phones with the same specifications, I’d suggest that they dont always beat the S8 because some things are best carried out by this expensive little device that makes sure you’re not gonna regret after dealing with the hefty price tag.



Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus



Yeah, you know what this is. It’s just the same thing just with a larger screen, 6.2 inches to be precise and like we know, bigger the better. Those who went from smaller phones to larger phones actually started falling in love with the majestic size only after they got used to it. And whats even better is that it’s not just the size that grew, it came with a 3500 mAh battery and a 6 GB RAM which is my favourite part because you get so much extra RAM and battery capacity.






Released in March this year, this 5.7 inch gorilla glass back beautiful device is one to make it to the best phones of 2017. The phone boasts a 13MP camera and a 3300 mAh battery along with a 4GB RAM. The best part I like about this phone is the fact that it is water resistant for 1 meter for upto 30 minutes and also dust resistant. Running on Android 7, this is definitely worth a try.



Google Pixel 2



Available for approximately¬†490, the Google Pixel 2 stands as a roc solid competitor when it comes to high performance devices and not only does it work like a beast, it looks absolutely beautiful in your hand. And the best is yet to come, the phone comes with the most amazing camera for low light shooting, capturing the entire details in the best possible way and also, it’s water resistant. Apart from that, the phone’s battery wouldn’t be very competitive, but the phone would definitely fall among the top.



Samsung Note 8



Samsung would never say no to keeping pace with the best devices out there and yet again, Samsung Note 8 takes the last spot with it’s beautiful design and the most productivity enhancing features. It’s one powerful hardware and comes with a load of stylus features. The performance beats all others but it’s just the features that most people will never use and the phones is quite expensive.





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