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Android Strategy Game Dood: The Puzzle Planet

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There are many puzzle game around the world but Dood will give you tough time while solving difficult puzzles. And get a wealthy, yet enjoyable experience thru cautiously crafted puzzle. You will scratch your head and could want to think in a one of a kind way.

Young and old can experience the sector of dood likewise! Irrespective of if kids, young adults – even adults will locate the world of dood healthy and gratifying.

Why you’ll love dood:
★ loose to play & free to win!
★ simple but amusing, addictively hard and smart puzzles
★ explore many particular locations with 60 and more ranges to come back!
★ leaderboards to look at your buddies!
★ smooth and fun to play, but tough to grasp. Honestly, circulate your blobs and get extra farms.
★ make combinations to get extra movements!
★ use the fireflies to create new bridges among islands
★ made a mistake? The owl will get you returned in time
★ the celebs have fallen. Can you carry they all back to place?
★ black stars – have you ever visible one?
★ compete along with your buddies – who receives the very best rating? Who will beat a stage with the least actions?

Find out the world of dood the Puzzle world

Dood is a clean and unique puzzle recreation. You manipulate little blobs and try and take over as many farms as viable. Blobs seem like little dots, with little eyes and lovely faces. But the horrific blobs are horrifying! Attempt to cast off them speedy. In lots of stages you’ll clash with one or two blobs – however, if you’re fast and clever, you’ll make it!

Puzzle android game

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Discover the hidden secrets of the dood global! Many hidden secrets can be determined – stars, black stars and even sweet? Crush multiple blobs together to make combination explosions and benefit extra electricity, because your actions are confined! Location blobs on famous person islands to acquire stars at the quiet of the extent bringing you first-rate replay cost!

Enjoy dood!

From the makers of little stars for little wars, radio set, and mars colonies: dood: the puzzle planet.

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Questions and guidelines are welcome anytime. We constructed dood together with your enter – and we enhance it with your remarks as well!

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