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Apple iPhone 8 Review: Everything We Know About Apple iPhone 8

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I am a huge iPhone fan and I currently own iPhone 7, the only thing I don’t like about this version is its similarity to iPhone 6s. But, with iPhone 8, things are going to change and the users will get all those features they were expecting in iPhone 7, yes this will, understandably, make the phone pricier. There are rumours that the new flagship version will borrow some of the features from Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S8. If you fancy no bezels, wireless charging, curved screen, well you can expect these features in iPhone 8.

Here is what we all can expect from the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Review:


It’s not me but everybody, across the globe, appreciated the aluminium unibody in iPhone 7 but with apple iPhone 8, Apple has decided to go with an all-glass design and the sides will support metal casing (same as iPhone 4 and 4s). Moreover, as per the reports, the glass will also be quite sturdy.

When it comes to the overall size of the phone, the phone will support the same 4.7-inch screen, but the new model will support the bezel-less display. We may get to see two cameras at the back, pretty much like iPhone 7 plus. However, the only change is that the cameras will be positioned vertically, this may also support 3D and sensing technology.


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Apply may sign a contract with Samsung to provide the company with curved OLED display. You will be amazed that the company has ordered 90 million OLED displays. Initially, it was believed that the phone will support a 5.8-inch OLED display, but now it may come with a screen size of 5.15-inch. As far as iPhone 8 screen resolution is concerned, if the rumours hold true, we may get to see 521 PPI (pixel per inch) display. It is without a doubt much higher than the previous models 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch having 325 PPI and 401 PPI respectively.

The screen dedicated both for the apps and interface may be 2463×1125 with the aspect ratio of around 21:9. Yes, this may pose a trouble while watching content that is 16:9, but it will still give a tough competition to various other Android phones when it comes to PPI and screen resolution.

Home Button

With bezel-less design and the addition of the function area, there will be no physical Home button. Apple last year paved the way for the mentioned change with solid-state Home Button, but the new model will have a new embedded Home Button. There will be no separate Home Button and it will be embedded in the display.

As Apple says their ultrasonic sensor will have two key benefits over its previous Touch ID – there will be no problem with too much or too little pressure influencing the fingerprint quality and it will stay unaffected by varied contaminants such as dirt, grease, sweat, or lotion. It is still unsure from where this technology is coming from, but it is believed that Qualcomm is already working on such technology, so there are chances that Apple may licence the R&D company’s technology.

Wireless Charging

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New smartphones are coming with wireless charging, Samsung S8 is one of the latest examples. Apple iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging. Initially, it was rumoured that the phone will come with long-range wireless charging technology, but as per the latest rumours it is believed that the phone will have inductive wireless charging. There are reports stating that Apple will be selling the charging technology separately for iPhone 8, such as mat or pad.

USB-C or Lightning

Expect both of them. One of the reports claimed that with iPhone 8, Apple will make a shift to USB-C but this is not the case and the company is sticking to their old proprietary Lightning connector. There are chances that the box may include a Lightning to USB-C cable along with a USB-C wall adapter. If the company goes ahead with this decision, this will help the owners of MacBook Pros and MacBook to directly plug in their iPhone into their laptops. Another benefit of USB-C is that the users will get to enjoy fast charging.

Well, there are a couple of reasons as for why Apple iphone 8 is not switching to USB-C, one of the reasons is that USB-C is an open standard, it is not that easy to regulate its accessories.

3D Sensing

Apple plans for both augmented reality and 3D sensing are still unclear, but there is a designated team working on both these technologies. There are rumours that the company has made few acquisitions in this field. As per a recent rumour, Apple iPhone 8 ’s front camera will feature 3-D sensing front camera that can easily detect both games and facial recognition. This technology will also help in unlocking the new iPhone. Tim Cook has mentioned about augmented reality a couple of times in the past, so it won’t come as a surprise if iPhone comes loaded with this technology.

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