Apps For Converting To A Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle basically defines a life that revolves not just around occasional healthy activities but rather a course of healthy habits. Habits are just everyday little things but they happen to be the building blocks of what your life is about, they take control of your life, your way of thinking, your activities and that is pretty much what we are about. In simple terms, habits are how we appear to the world and shaping our habits to healthy ones are just as important as eating or drinking. While habits can’t essentially be changed overnight, apps can make it easier to shape them, here’s a list of a few apps to help you do that.




So it’s not just any cardio app that records your run time, its a complete fitness tracker. It basically records your distance, time and calories burnt and over a course of time, it creates a sort-of database which tracks your experience of using the app and compiles your fitness achievements. It’s just a way to help you develop a motivation that keeps you healthy and doesn’t let you get bored.




The most important part of a healthy living is healthy eating and for that, this little app has you covered. So the basic idea is that the app is more oriented towards your goals and how you achieve them so if you’re trying to loose weight, the app is gonna develop a diet schedule thats gonna tell you what to get from the grocery store when you and what to eat, along with when to eat.




In a world where we are rushing to almost everything, headspace is an app that just lets you get some me-time. It prompts you to meditate everyday (which is not as annoying as it sounds) and since we’re talking about developing habits, it is better than most apps in that regard. It helps you develop a meditation habit which, in the longer run, is essential to help you stay focused and productive.




So it’s basically a compilation of healthy tasks and best for people who aren’t either fond of intense workout or simply don’t have the time for it. It’s not as administratively active as Runkeeper, since it wont track your analytics but for the average person who sets a healthy-life goal, it’ll work best.




So it’s a pretty popular app that revolves around your habits, or basically focuses on whats more important. Also it’s much more straight forward which makes it fun to use. It’s gonna track your habits and make complex analytics about it, it aids users in their venture for trying to adopt healthy habits and make it easier since it makes it fun, like a game.





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