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Focus is the key to so much and though most of us have absolutely no problems having a good focus strength, some can actually find it very hard to maintain focus for longer periods of time. Apart from that, one can only be too good at it. Science proves that an average human mind can stay focused (as in terribly focused) for a maximum of 6 min. Can you roughly imagine how productive our lives would be if this number could go up significantly. So here’s a few apps to let you maintain focus and help you in getting things done.






Reffered to as an app for mental workout, Lumosity is one app that combines a number of activities and exercises approved by neuroscientists to enhance your cognitive abilities and speed up your brain by rewiring it to operate faster and more logically. You can get it for free and there’s a paid version with monthly subscription charges of around 14$.



Stay Focused



It’s basically an online app that is installed as an extension on chrome and what it does is pretty much what we all need, especially students who study online. It limits amount of time you are allowed to spend on each website. It asks for a time limit and then it sets it. For example, if YouTube distracts you during work, you can set it to 20 min and than the app won’t let you stay on YouTube for more than 20 min during the day.



Lazy Meter



So it’s not something that counts your laziness as you might have assumed. The app is simply an online to-do list with a whole lot of convenience added. You can type in your tasks for the day and then it lets you access the list from any mobile device since its online and you don’t have to worry about carrying a to do list or moving it across devices.



Stay On Task



Most of us have the thing in which we stray off of our task in hand and find something to waste time on (or simply get distracted). Stay On Task comes in handy here, after being turned on, it asks you randomly every 15-30 min whether youre still working on what you should be working on, so it’s basically just a reminder to keep you on your task.



Keep Focus



Keep Focus is a lot like Stay Focused, just that works on your Android phone and it limits the amount you can spend on certain websites, like many of us tend to check their Facebook every now and then, in this case Keep Focus would be given a time and it wont let you use it anymore it any more than that.









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