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Everyone wants a better logical thinking and that is only as simple as learning for a test because the more you push your limits the more you grow, may it be in terms of physical fitness of cognitive abilities. And getting your mind to function faster and more efficiently is just about how you normally use it everyday. So we decided to completely some of the best apps that help you sharpen your mind and memory.



Fit Brains Trainer



The app comes with 10 different game sets all with the objective of improving your cognitive abilities and it even tracks your progress in colour coded graphs so it’s pretty good for those who find it hard or take longer to interpret complicated situations and problems. Even a weeks effort has been known to make a difference with this app, so we have all the right reasons for trying it out.






Sure it’s expensive because $15 a month isn’t a small amount but this alone is probably one of the most popular brain training apps and the fact that it has been designed, tested and used by probably the best professionals is good enough a motivation to start working on it. It gives you playing plans of 3 to 5 days a week so you’re not putting too much into it, but the app is a good step towards bettering yourself.



Brain School



So the app is free, and it’s not as sophisticated or structured as Lumosity because it doesn’t come with playing plans but its still a pretty good idea to work on your own and play whatever you feel like playing. You can exert your mental energy into the kind of games and problem solving that you like and one knows what works for them best so give it a try, it’s free so it shouldn’t be too much for a newbie.






Until a few years ago, this used to be a big deal and people were all over it. Now although people aren’t a big fan of playing number games but this one comes with the perks of sharpening your brain. You have a block where youre supposed to balance the rows and columns such that they all add up to 10, which is pretty fun and challenging in the levels as they proceed.



Clockwork Brain



It is a less expensive alternative of Fit Brains and Lumosity because it has almost the same kind of games just with a different kind of interface that gives feels of the period of industrial revolution. So here’s one way to go back in the days, play games and sharpen your mind in a fun and inexpensive way.

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