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The current trends have been changing and it has become a common factor in today’s world for people go on date, with help of the online dating apps. Gone are the days when people used to patiently wait for the right time to find a date for oneself. In the beginning, they would befriend, then, later on, get to know about the person and if things get better over a period of time, they think about asking for a date.This was the conventional way of the dating in the past, but as the technology has come to into the existence things have changed and people have tremendously adapted to this particular change. We are all well aware of the fact that over the year’s things will change for better. Technology is something which has seen an enormous amount of growth and it will continue to change endlessly.

It is said that Tinder will be applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work, to serve its customers in a better way. The AI would be showing us the potential matches which we might come across. When Tinder was introduced to people primarily, it was just an app for people to find a person to date with. It was not only about dating, there were people who were hooking up, a few had relationships, and there were a few who went on to get hitched with the potential partners on the long run.

This organization is handling with something, which would alter one’s life to a particular extent and for a few million it has been a life-changing moment, as they were able to find their significant other. The founder of the company Sean Rad stated that 5 years from now AI will be of a get help for people to find their potential match.

Involving the Ai would make things to work in a better way in fact, as it will show up the matches in a different way. At present, if both the users have swiped right then it is considered to be a match. The machines doing the human work will help the app to perform in a better way. It might seem to be out of place if we look at the way in which the AI is being applied to get the potential matches for the users.

On the flip side, this will help the users to be able to find the matches in a more potential way rather than the normal way. It will be able to fetch the information of the profiles rapidly when compared to the humans. They do consume time when they are searching for a date and it takes a huge amount of time for them to get to one.

The match which the AI will make a match for the user based upon the interests. If it finds out there is someone in the vicinity who shares the same interests. Then the user will receive a pop-up message, showing the details about the particular user. It will show up the details about when they are free and if interested, they can catch up and hang out.

Artificial intelligence is something which will decrease the human effort and helps them to perform in a better way. The future is going to be completely based on the working intelligence of the AI. It is said; in the near future, it is not going to be a big deal to find someone for oneself. In fact, it is said that AI will try to find someone for the particular person, all the person needs to do is enter the information regarding their personal interests.

When a user is trying to find a date on Tinder, the first and foremost thing which they do is check the picture of the user on the profile. One of the undeniable facts is that a person who is trying to find a date would obviously give importance to physical appearance. It is true that a person’s physical appearance does matter when they are searching for a date.

It is the main reason for someone to swipe right or left because they felt that the person seems to be physically attractive. Tinder is planning to use AI for helping the users to find their matches more efficient and effortless. If we consider this fact being applied, then we can see that near future the app might be selecting the potential dates based upon the appearance.

A user needs to upload the images of the people they find to be enticing, the app would do the rest for us, as simple as that. The app would screen through the different profiles on Tinder and fetch the profiles of the people who seem to be attractive with the help of the face recognition technology. If this is going to be applied in real time and if it becomes a successful launch, then it is going to completely alter the ways in which an individual will be searching for their significant other or a date.

The company has grown to tremendous heights since the time it was launched for the people to find their dates. One of the best things about the app is that it works based on the location of the user. It will be easier for them to be able to find someone who lives nearby and is single. Is it possible for someone to understand someone only based upon their interests? Well, as a matter of fact to some extent, that would be a Yes, but it is true that we need to put efforts to actually understand a person for real.

There is a particular feat which people perform, to be able to find their dates. It is said as “Traffic light parties”, where people can hook up or become friends with by dressing up in red, green or amber. If a person wears red, that means that they are in a relationship and they are happy in it. If there is someone who adorns green, then they are single and the ready to mingle kind.

This trick will obviously help the two persons who are in green to get to know about each other and knock it off from there. It is applicable for the people who are in universities or at workspaces (if that is a possibility). In today’s finding out whether a person is single or committed has become really hard. One of the undeniable facts is that infidelity is on the rise; hence it becomes even more difficult to know the real fact.

Facebook is somewhere, we have the chances to know if the person is single and that too only if they are truthful enough. Rad states that the traffic light party could be made for real with the help of the augmented reality. It is a technology where the digital images are overlaid onto the real world, as the person walks around. For time being we can state that “Pokémon Go” go is one such app which has worked out based on this. We can clearly say that in 5 years from now Tinder will be working based on AI and AR. Are we really ready for an AI to help us find a date? That question can be answered, only when we get to use it for real. Let’s hope for the best. Fingers crossed!!!

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