The Best Apps To Customise Your Android Phone

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Everyone loves having stuff customised to their own preferences and when you can do that to your own phone, it gets even better. One can put in all sorts of creativity into it and something amazing can turn up, just the way you like. So we decided to bring to you the best apps that help you customise your android device in all sorts of ways. Moving on to the list.



Desktop VisualizeR



The app basically helps you apply custom images to apps. The idea is pretty much what most people want, as long as you have enough pictures and a good creativity with collage, you can do wonders to your home screen. Using the mages of your choice as app icons entirely changes how your phone looks. And if youre someone who finds the stock icons of android boring then this is one app for you!



Nova Launcher



Looking for something beyond Desktop VisualizeR? Here’s one app to change how many things in your phone operate. The Nova Launcher can do loads. Most of the features are only in the paid version but the free version is still pretty loaded with features, like customising icon themes, using a sub grid position which gives a whole lot better control than many other launchers out there, having colour controls for unread notifications and badges and even a backup feature to save your home screen apps and widgets settings for anytime you’d like to restore them.






Apart from the technical customisation tools, we all want to go down to the basics every once in a while and Zedge is perfect for new wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sounds whenever you feel like changing. It works perfectly on almost every android device. Though it’s a pretty decent app, but it can be annoying at times when you see a lot of adverts, so if you can deal with it then this is probably the best customisation app out there.



Zooper Widget



Basically a really handy app for instantly changing the general interface of your phone including the home screen, the app allows you to completely choose screens to fit your choice so youre not limited to generic screens. Though the app does have some bugs, but it’s mostly compatible with almost all devices.



Solo Locker



This little app makes it possible for you to customise your lock screen, including the lock screen pattern into images of your choice, The different images can be used to remember patterns that relate to friends, family or anything that your particularly like.



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