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While being an engineering student can be quite a tough business itself, no one can possibly make it through without having the most basic equipment that highly includes the right kind of mobile apps. Being productive is now easier than ever with the help of a range of productivity apps that aid every activity of ours from every walk of life. Here we have some of the most useful productivity apps that make the life of engineering students a whole lot simpler.


Wolfram Alpha

Commonly known as the wikipedia of engineering students, this app can answer almost every question from any engineering field. A student simply enters a question and the Wolfram Alpha gets to work, its fast, it’s convenient and it gives the most accurate answers thereby saving an engineering student the hassle of skimming through a text book or undergoing the laborious task of browsing through the web.


Android Wabbitemu

A graphing calculator is the one tool that is almost always needed by engineering students but who wants to carry one everywhere? Plus in an occasion where it may be needed urgently but forgetful people like me lose track of where they put it last may want to use the Android Wabbitemu which efficiently serves as a graphing calculator right here on your phone.



Not only engineering students but people from all professions almost always need to get soft copies of printed documents and this is where CamScanner comes in handy. It allows users to take pictures of the printed documents and it converts the images into digitalised documents. In shorter terms, it saves us from the hassle of typing an entire document.


Engineering Unit Converter

Which engineer could there possibly be who doesn’t need to convert units numerous times throughout the day. The engineering unit convertor is one app that serves the purpose well by silently sitting in your phone and efficiently coming into action when needed to do the brain wracking task of converting units. The app can be used to convert all SI units. The perfect digital companion of an engineer.



Though most of us already use dropbox, this powerful app can make data sharing a whole easier for an engineer who may have to transfer bulky projects and data files across different devices and platforms. It allows users to access their files from any device and put things at their fingertips without having to carry an external hard drive or flash drive.



It’s almost like the Khan Academy app but only a whole lot more interactive. Students and lecturers share their notes and the information undergoes quality checks to ensure the right kind of learning resources available to users. For a greater learning experience, LectureNotes aids engineering students to supplement their classroom knowledge.


Good luck engineers! We’re counting on you..






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