The Best Laptops You Can Get Under £399

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Everyone needs a properly functioning and reliable computer to not only back them up through the tight situations but infact our entire work/personal life depends on good computers. While we all want it to be amazing, we also want the prices to be just as amazing. Here’s a list of some personal computers one can have in 2017 that should solve stuff pretty good, being competitive to the very expensive ones in terms of performance. We’ve made sure nothing goes more than £400 but is essentially amazing.



Dell Inspiron i5559 Signature Edition



Price on Amazon: £399


Dell has always been known to create machines that don’t go hard on your budget and above all, this one is definitely worth more than what it costs. Although usually dell computers are loaded with third party apps that literally slow them down, which is more of a hassle than a plus point. In this particular laptop, Microsoft kicks in with very limited third party apps which can simply be deleted to give you a raw computer which is technically very fast and boosts your productivity. It comes with a sixth generation Intel Core i5-6200U processor and an 8GB Ram, whats best is that it’s touch screen!



HP 17-X116DX 17.3-inch



Price on BestBuy: 355£


So it’s an equally amazing computer just that its almost 2 inches bigger (of course bigger is better). Along with a pretty good image quality come really good speakers. An Intel Core i5 2.5GHz and an 8GB Ram make sure it’s competitive and wont hang up on during heavy tasks and manages work load like a boss. A 5.5 hours battery isn’t bad if for a work day, I mean you can always carry a charger.



HP Pavilion 15.6-inch



Price: £169


The most amazing thing about it is probably it’s price tag because you dont generally get an Intel Core i5 2.5GHz processor for it, draw back? You get a 4GB Ram, which still isn’t bad for an average working guys needs or gaming either. Also it only weighs 4.7 lbs so your back pack isn’t gonna be very heavy because of it. A battery life of 5 hours is okay I guess.



HP Pro Book 455 G3 15.6-inch



Price on Amazon: £220


So it’s essentially a business laptop which is apparent from it’s AMD A10-8700P processor and 16GB RAM which should handle pretty much everything. Even better is that you get a 6 hour battery life and 1TB hard drive, the only potential draw back is that you dont accomplish much gaming on it but thats okay since if you get it for business related stuff, gaming wouldn’t really be your aim with it.







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