Best Photography Apps Of 2017

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Photography just happens to be what we all live for and wont go through a single important moment without making sure we’ve captured it well in our phones. With the trend only going up and not coming down, we have made the effort of collecting names and features of some of the best apps to aid your photography and help you look good even when you’re not. We’ve decided to list only the free apps because no one wants to pay an extra buck when it can be managed for free!




Starting off from the fact that, yes it’s free, and you get a comprehensive set of tools to do all sorts of stuff with the pictures you take. It’s almost like a professional editor where you can easily adjust exposure, sharpness and colour and depending on the compatibility of your device, it’s a pretty powerful app so you’re dealing with something that shouldn’t test your patience. You can even choose a part of an image and then work on it and then apply ad re-apply filters. The interface is pretty easy to manage different things on and user friendly so it’s not gonna be hard getting used to it.




Pronounced and “Visco”, it lets you entirely change the feels that your picture gives. Ranging from colours, filters, adding or removing things and everything that looks professional. As for the camera, you can adjust the shutter speed, white balance, ISO and manual focus.




An app that bends to the kind of performance you want out of it. Whether you’re looking for something as complex as mixer-tools to combine two different pictures and get a unique looking double exposure, or you can simply go for something like a wide range of built in filters to change how your pictures look.




The app is great if you’re looking forward to removing something unwanted from your pictures. A stray cat or unwanted tree, the app can do wonders. It cuts out the object and blends in the surrounding pixels to make it look like its never been changed. It also comes with the cloning tool and you can even work your way to removing sun spots and flares.




The app is more oriented towards better photography than towards better editing. Along with the most important functions of adjusting white balance, ISO shutter speed and focus etc, you also get adjustable timers and told for getting the perfect colours, sharpness and clarity. As for editing it gives a layering option where you can apply filters one on another to gives better blended affects.







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