The Best Travel Apps of 2017

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Here’s one for all those travel geeks planning something for vacations and when the time comes, you’ll want to know what’s the best thing to have available on your phone because travel can be a hassle and you are gonna need some reliability just to make sure that when you look back on your trip a few years from now, you’ll only remember the good part where you had fun and not the part where you felt unorganised because our little list of the best travel apps wont let that happen.






Though the name just suggests flight search but the app is basically a handy travel companion that lets you look for cheap flights, hotels and rental cars and also helps you decide where to go if you haven’t planned anything for the summer yet. It shows the cheapest flights on a month view calendar and it also gives price changing alerts. Perfect isn’t it?






Here’s one thing I personally use for flight search because of the convenience it is all about. The search options are super easy to get used to and it gives a huge number of flights that cover your route with prices ranging from lowest to highest and you are bound to find what you’re looking for. It also has search options for rental cars and hotels and the app can also be accessed from the Apple watch.






Now here’s one that made it to the best apps list of 2015 on App Store and it’s an award winning app on Google Play. Apart from everything that is associated with travel apps, the Hopper app can also help you decide when to buy tickets by sending you push notifications and what’s best is the part where it’s so convenient that a flight is considered to be booked within 60 seconds.






For the part where you are to plan your day at your vacation spot is when Airbnb comes into action. Depending on whether it’s legal at your destination, Airbnb let’s you save on hefty hotels and you stay with a local, or their home. An added feature called trips let’s you partake in events with a local guide so the app is basically giving you a more homely experience of wherever you’re going.



Hotel Tonight



Things can go from extremely organised to completely messed up because of something as small as a flight delay or cancellation during travelling and when that happens, contingencies just have to be there. Hotel Tonight thrives on last minute deals and discounted rates for empty rooms along with a 24/7 customer care, pretty reliable eh?

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