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What's The Deal With Blackberry Now

Blackberry was once the biggest deal out there and this was long before advent of smart phones (that was the time

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Top 3 apps for counting calories

Calorie counting is an essential when you are in your initial stages of losing weight, controlling your food

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Top 3 Apps To Motivate Yourself

Motivation is something you need daily. Without motivation, you will end up in a rut and slack at every task you

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Top 5 Free Apps That Will Make Workout Fun For You

Relating to workout, there are two types of people in the world: People who love to workout. They are those

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Top 5 Gaming Apps on Android

Gaming came all the way from huge wooden cabinets enclosing a screen and then the portable consoles which took huge

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All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

The New S8? How big a deal is it? Well Samsung has had a rough time handling its reputation because of the battery

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How to Use an Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Turning your smart phone into a Wireless hot spot belongs to the options I enjoy. Here we intend to try to clarify

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Best Smartphone Mobiles with 6 GB RAM

Smartphones with 6 GB RAM are in trend now because everyone wants to have such mobile devices which don't get

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Unihertz Jelly, The smallest 4G Smartphone

Jelly is probably the smallest Smartphone with full Android 7.0 features and Ultra-fast 4G network support. If you

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