All The Deal About The New LG V30

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So here’s one flagship device by LG that takes a few things to a whole new level and here we are claiming that this might just beat the S8 with it’s price of £630. Bringing into view some of the features that stand out, this brief review should be enough for you to be able to decide whether you’re going for it and if you’re into video making and photography then you’re probably at the right place because this device coming with two back cameras takes killer pictures!



The Highlights

First comes the beyond amazing camera which is unarguably better at taking pictures than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Adding to that we have a huge OLED Screen, 6 inches and made from glass and aluminium which gives the new iPhone looks for every reason. They say that it’s not the best OLED because Samsung’s S8 gives a better and brighter view outdoors and if you’re the outdoor kind of person then you might want to make sure it’s what you’re looking for.


The Lg V30 is pretty big, so this is what matters after a beautiful looking (big) screen because you can’t always balance a huge phone and the glass and metal surfaces are smooth for you to drop it and hence again, double check whether you want it or not because buttery fingers could cost you with this device. The power button on the back which gives comfort and a finger print sensor is an added feature which also aids you in the part where you balance the phone in your hand.

The battery life competes perfectly and leaving no stones unturned to making the phone amazing we also have water proofing. Along with that comes wireless charging which we all love using because well, it’s convenient and it looks cool. Also if you drive a lot then wireless chargers hooked onto the dashboard are a huge comfort in life.

Now coming to the old school but important features, the SD card slot exists which supports a maximum of 128GB and the audio jack is amazing. The back camera is 16 MP and the front 12MP. 

Now coming to the part where you would want to consider the short falls of the Lg V30. Well there’s nothing too complicated about it because the only actual problem you might encounter is dealing with the size of the phone because if you’re not used to big phones then you’re gonna take some time to get used to it. The camera also takes a bit more time to focus so there’s this slight chance that you miss a few shots but the camera itself just beats everything else.


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