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When the mobile phone came out, it was probably the coolest gadget out there. It was a sign of scientific advancement because at one point it was considered impossible to carry your own communication device. Now that we’re in 2017 we can probably hope for a lot more because the future technology is full of surprises. Here’s what you need to know to embrace the future as it’s going to be.


Jet Pack International H202

JetPack International is currently working on jetpacks that include the H202 and H202-Z technology. A device that lifts you in the air and is powered by Hydrogen Peroxide is the next big thing coming up. It has a maximum potential of flying at 77 miles per hour and 250 metres height.


Touch Sensitive Prosthetics

While prosthetics have been around for a while, these prosthetics are a whole new level. The disabled can now have man made arms that function with their brain and allow them to actually feel and make out what they are touching. A recent test was performed on an individual who could successfully identify a bottle and an orange blindfolded. Pretty impressive!


Talos Suit

Talos stands for “Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit”. This suit, which is hopefully coming out in 4 years is designed to provide ballistic, shock and fire protection. The development basically aims at providing soldiers with a better and more reliable protection.


Titan Arm

The Titan Arm is basically a technology that should enable an average human being to enhance their lifting ability by about 40 pounds. For those whose work includes lifting heavy weights or those having a disability and may not be able to put much pressure on their arms can highly benefit from the Titan Arm. Moreover, to make the technology available to all, the current prototype is made out of 3D printed materials which cuts down the price to $1200.


Super Maglev Trains

While the Maglev Trains already exist in China and Japan reaching a speed unto 260 miles per hour, the Super Maglev Trains are being prepared with the vision of speeds reaching upto 1800 miles per hour. They will be moving inside a vacuumed tube which offers zero air resistance and makes travelling a whole lot faster and safer. Although the possibility of long vacuumed tubes is highly questionable, but is being worked on.


3D Printed Food

A German Company “Biozoon” is currently working on 3D printable powdered food mixtures called seneoPro. The idea of this future technology is that these mixtures can be solidified into any kind of food and can be given coloured textures to make the food more visually appealing. The 3D printed mixtures instantly melt in the mouth reducing the risk of choking which makes them ideal for people suffering from “dysphagia”.



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