Handy Apps When Traveling New Places

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When you’re traveling new places, gone are the conventional times when you had to buy tour guides and guide books. Now everything is in your phone, but where? Well, here’s a few apps that you can download right in your phone just before beginning your travel and they’re gonna prove super useful when you’re in a new place and everything is right in the palm of your hand!



Spotted By Locals


Nobody knows a city like the locals do and this includes the best places to eat, the best money saving tips and the best entertainment etc, currently being offered in 67 countries from around the world, the app is growing by the day and with a very reasonable price tag of $3.99 for the guide of each city, one can totally get to know the place by paying next to nothing and the best thing is that this information is the most accurate and useful coming right from the people who live there.





Fitness during traveling is the idea of a luxury vacation for many and if you’re one of them then this is for you. Considering that you don’t know about the new place, this little app tells about the best running apps nearby and also about routes that will give you a good opportunity to get done with some sight seeing. Users can also upload their preferred paths that may benefit people with similar tastes.





So the app tells you about all places to visit, what to do, where to go and what to expect when you’re traveling new places. It has ablaut 350 destinations to choose from and very hand picked content for 25 flagship vacation spots. It also tells about entertainment happening nearby like concerts etc, and you can also buy tickets from the app but the app won’t give adds popping up, advertising the happenings, hence it’s pretty neat and easy to navigate through.





Thrilled about the people indigenous to your destination than the place itself, this app is for you. It helps you connect with people from the new place with common interests and you can look up for public gathering close to you and the best part is that you can also set up your own meet up.





So it tells you about stuff that’s happening around the place, specifically things you’re interested in and hence you can choose to go to the kind of gathering you like, i.e.. music, eating and drinking and gaming etc. The categories are plenty and you’re probably not running out of options.

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