The iPhone X May Be More Than Just A Delicacy

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While the new iPhone is always a treasured little device mostly under a case so you don’t have to deal with cracked screens, the new iPhone X is more than just a delicacy and you’ll want to go out of the way to take care of it because a series of tests carried out by SquareTrade suggest that it may be the most breakable iPhone ever.


Although Apple claims that the new iPhone is equipped with the most durable parts and the most solid screen, this might just be true but insurance companies suggest otherwise.

SquareTrade ran a number of robotic torture tests which basically speak volumes about the high end device so many of us are enthusiastic about. A 6 foot (1.8 m) drop face down showed that the screen was broken and not only that, the facial recognition was also rendered useless. A drop from the sides showed that the screen was numb to a touch and the same drop on the back panel left it broken into pieces.


This said, one may also add that the iPhone X already costing $1000 is more than just an initial cost because even if you crack the screen, chances are that you will have to get it repaired and living with a slightly cracked screen wont be an option because there are cases when the facial recognition stops working with the cracked screen and also, it entirely makes sense to say that the repairs of iPhone X are the most expensive to repair with Apple’s $549 fee for basic repairs. This is greater than repairs of all earlier models.

And not only does it crack from 6 feet but CNET’s test from a height of 3 feet also shows a cracked screen so one may infer from it that the iPhone X is although an exciting investment, it is also risky one especially of you’re not into screen repairs for a long long time from when you buy the phone.


Now here’s an iPhone that is actually gonna be worth some attention and extra care. And with that said, I think you’d wanna look for a cover if you’re already having an iPhone X because sure it looks and feels amazing to use without a cover but trust me, it is not gonna be fun paying for its repairs.



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