should you buy chinese mobile in uk

Should I buy a Chinese Mobile phone in UK?

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Wondering what are the pros and cons of buying Chinese Phones in the UK:

It can be said about China that they are producing almost everything. Chinese products are famous in all over the world because of several features. The biggest one is that Chinese products usually come with comparatively less price. Just like other products and electronics, home appliances, Chinese smartphones are also available across the world. Lets have a quick roundup of the pros and cons of buying Chinese smartphones in UK.

• Excellent value for less money
• Competitive specification
• Usually comes with dual-SIM
• Be trendy, (might be possible None of your friends will have the similar phone)

• Mostly Not officially launched in UK
• you may unintentionally buy a counterfeit product
• In case of Faulty devices it may be difficult to return / claim
• 20 percent of the value on the shipping paperwork plus an admin fee might be charged
• Don’t forget to check before buying, the phone may not work with your network

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