Taking Care Of Your iPhone The Right Way

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If you just spent money on an iPhone then until the new phone feels don’t die, you’re probably want to take very good care of your phone and even when it gets old, I suggest you still take care of it because why not? Nobody likes paying for a new phone all the time and nobody likes dealing with cracked screens. So lets make it easier for you to make sure that you’re only changing your phone when you feel like doing it and not because your last one got a bunch of problem on it.



Always Use a Cover



I know they’re bulky and I know your iPhone looks better without one, no matter how sexy an iPhone can be without a cover, Im sure you’re always gonna find a cover that clicks you and you feel like keeping it on. Also, you can always change covers when you get bored of them, it’s cheaper to pay for covers than for repairs anyways. Screen protectors are just as important, you dont have to go out of the way and buy something super expensive because you’re just looking for better protection and I guess anything will do, although there always are better ones but go for whatever hits you the best.



Charge It Wisely



So two things, don’t overcharge and secondly, dont over-use. It’s not a rare moment to put your phone on charging and forget that you ever did that until you need it (and that could be hours later). Also, we all tend to put our phones on charging at night to have it at charged in the morning. I know it’s tempting to wake up to a 100% charged iPhone but trust me, you dont want to live with decreasing battery life. Secondly, there are lazy times when you keep using your phone until the battery actually dies out. Don’t do that either, it makes your battery  weaker and weaker and much faster than by over charging.



Keep Things Clean

It’s always a good idea to do that. Always keep it free from dust and even more importantly, never let it get wet or damp. Thats probably whats gonna destroy your phone before you even know somethings up. Just remember to use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and similar items damage your phone by putting annoying scratches on them, yeah you don’t want that. Neither the spray cleaners are a good thing for phones.



Don’t Fill It Up With Apps

Its just gonna end up lagging and would be very annoying and the situation just gets worse when you jailbreak it. The best thing to keep in mind is that 10% free space should atleast be there. As long as its there, you’re good to go.



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