Taking Care Of Your Laptop

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If you’re like most busy people then your laptop probably rarely gets any maintenance and let alone cleaning. However, it is one thing that you know you cant go on without and it’s always a good idea to take care of things before it either gets really expensive to repair or entirely replace. Keeping this in mind, we’ve come up with the most basic care rituals that your computer could use to see a longer time with you and who doesn’t want to save some money that would otherwise go wasted to repairs.


Keeping Liquids Away

Well, it’s pretty obvious, but a large number of laptops around the world are going to waste just because someone accidentally dropped their glass of water on it. Better safe than sorry, never keep liquids close to the computer on your workspace. Or if you just have to, it’s always a good idea to use the mugs with lids on them so your computer is safe from the spills. And adding to that, never attempt to use your computer near a place where there might be a lot of steam or humidity because this damages screens and internal components of the computer super fast.


Charge Smartly

It’s not hard, but dealing with battery issues is. And plus, you should make sure you’re getting the best of what your computer can offer. So here’s a few pointers, just try not to overcharge, it’s pretty tempting to leave it on charging overnight to have it fully charged by morning, but that just kills battery life and you dont want any of that. Also it’s always a good idea to pull your battery out of the laptop (if your laptop lets you do that of course) while you’re using it and have the charger plugged in, though it may sound technical but your battery is gonna last years and it’s entirely worth it.


The Screen Needs Care




You open and close the flap of screen so many times during the day and completely ignore the fact that this part moves pretty good now, is it gonna stay lie this? If you’re casual about it, there are chances your screen doesn’t last very long. Your laptop’s screen and keyboard have hinges between them that can break, go loose or come off and nether of those situation is fun to deal with. Hence, better to go easy on it whenever you’re opening or closing the flap.


The Device Needs A Break

Always shut down when you think you dont need it any more. I mean sure your computer can always go to sleep and it’s convenient to start working as soon as you lift the flap, but the machine also needs to restart at times so that you’re not dealing with it’s lagging.


Use Anti Virus

Pretty obvious though, but most of us feel okay without one and let me tell you, a good anti virus helps a great deal when coming to performance and an over all life of you computer. Use it, even if you have to pay for it, it wont hurt but it definitely hurts to restore your computer snd have your data deleted.


See If It’s Heating 

A normal heating up doest mean something major is gonna happen but if you feel like it’s heating up and it’s not normal always have it checked in time. Also try not using it places were it’s unusually hot or humid or both.

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