The Top 5 Learning Apps of 2017

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Who doesn’t want to learn and with the advent of internet and so many devices, learning new stuff is easier than ever. With all this aid at our disposal, one should always be up for learning more and more and with that said, we decided to make the drill easier (and fun) by highlighting ┬ásome of the best mobile apps for learning and education. May it be simply reading new books or gaining quantitative knowledge about a certain niche. This little list of apps is bound to be of help.


Amazon Kindle



The Kindle app is although free but it may be pointed out that most books are paid that you buy off the Kindle Amazon Store. But, whats best is that these e-books are cheaper than their original hardcopy versions and adding to that, the Kindle is a whole lot easier option which holds volumes of convenience. It’s not just the app but the kindle (device) can also be bought which gives beyond amazing battery life and hence makes reading very pleasurable.





Coursera, as the name suggests is about individual topics and courses that you can pick and read and even watch video lessons them. With over an impressive figure 1000+ courses covering science, maths and even technology. It even acknowledges the courses you’ve taken by giving certificates. Most of the courses are paid, but you still find some free courses.






Starting from zero knowledge about a new language, Duolingo helps you learn new languages faster and in the most efficient ways. It comes with a bunch of mini games that make the learning much more fun and the difficulty level gets harder with time as you progress. The best part is that it is completely free to use and comes with no advertisements. This is a pretty good app for getting a hold of the basics of almost any language.



Khan Academy




It has becomes a pretty popular online learning resource at this point because of it’s exceptionally large collection of video lecture and courses. You can learn about pretty much anything from Khan Academy and if you’re a high school student then this could just be your last minute contingency or even your round-the-year free tutoring companion.






The app is a very effective learning resource and comes with a lot of implementation for what it has to teach. One can learn programming, music production or even microsoft office skills for as less as 25$ a month. Though its not the most economical option but it’s still quality got money.

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