Time Management Apps For An Organised Living

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Time is one thing that can be very closely related to money, you never have enough of it  but it’s true that even the most successful people have only 24 hours a day. This just has to be enough to convince us that managing time and being productive in the time we designate to something is the only secret of an organised successful living. Here’s a few apps that make the task easier for you.






Ever had a hard time remembering all the stuff you need to accomplish, well Clear has you covered if your struggle is real. It’s basically a to do list app that has everything you need to accomplish entered into it using a very user-friendly interface and then you have a straight forward set of goals that come through out the day and you’re always on top of your daily goals.






It’s basically an app that can be programmed to handle over 200 tasks that are generic for you. Like taking an uber at 7 am every morning or backing up your images to drop box every evening, this is probably something you do everyday so why not get an app that saves you time and does all of that for you. You’ll have home screen shortcuts that basically do what they have been created to do.






So the app is best for those who have very packed schedules during the day and even more for those who often have to waste time going back into their mailbox to remember when what was supposed to be done. Clara on the other hand can manage all this administrative work for you. Simply CC clara in every such mail and it will get to work and organise your meetings and schedules.







Ever had to pull off something as a team only to realise that one guy forgot something and so did another guy. Wunderlist is an amazing to do list app that sets goals and reminders for tasks that have to be pulled off as a team or divided among the team. Everyone has their share of responsibilities and using Wunderlist they can all stay on top of them and share tasks as they complete them.







Here’s one thing that we’re all target to that is wasting time on websites we shouldn’t be on. Ever opened youtube during studying and then forgot to get back to studying? RescueTime monitors where you’re spending your time the most and then gives you an honest review to let you judge yourself and help you stop wasting time. It can even let you block websites so that it’s easier for you to stop going on them every now and then.

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