Top 10 Apps You Need On Your iPhone Today

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If you own an iPhone, then this is probably the best place for you to be right now. We’ve gathered some of the most useful iPhone apps you need on your device to boost your productivity sky high. Let’s move on to the list,



Here’s something to keep you financially organized. This little app keeps track of all your bank accounts, current and savings and keeps you updated with every activity your account experiences. One way to keep your banking organized in a great way because, who doesn’t want to keep track of their spending.


Yes the iPhone has it’s own mail app, but the gmail iPhone app does much more than just show you email. The first thing is about a more visually appealing interface. Next comes the features of the newest updates of the app that includes improved search, swipe to archive or delete, and undo send.



This is the age where we google almost everything we don’t understand. In this case, it is good to have something to get information quick without having to do the hard of searching for the most appropriate source (as there are countless sources on google). We are already aware of the fact that Wikipedia is the one place to get the most quantitative legit information.


Easily Do

Ever had the urge to experience your own personal assistant who would keep your things organized? Easily Do does much more than that, it allows you to filter emails to show you only the important ones, organize your appointments giving you directions to your meeting places, giving parking information and showing you the LinkedIn profiles of people you’ll be seeing. It also keeps contacts updated and allows you to schedule emails.


Google Docs

We all use Dropbox and countless other things that are related to office work. An iPhone needs a tool to help you properly go through this stuff and edit documents from Dropbox. Google Docs is the perfect solution to aid you with office work on your iPhone.



This app is one of my personal favorites, every time I get a call from an unknown number is when truecaller kicks into action. It gives the name of the person calling you along with a location. Even warns about numbers that have been marked spam.



Ever had the agonizing experience of seeing ads on your browser when you are in the middle of something important, 1Blocker saves the day here. this iPhone app blocks all unwanted ads and keep your browsing peaceful.


Converter Plus

Whether you’re making pancakes, traveling to a different country or just trying to measure anything measurable. This little app puts conversion on your fingertips. Currency, cooking quantities, area and length etc.


Google Maps

Giving better location accuracy, better interface and showing points of interest in between your route, the google maps app is truly a must-have on your iPhone. People who go from android to iPhone can actually feel the absence of google maps.


Microsoft Bing

Though google has pretty much taken over our browsing, Microsoft Bing firstly gives a lovely interface to browse on and comparing it to google, it’s competitively powerful. At the bottom it even gives current news stories, every reason to try it out.





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