Top 6 Cheapest Smartphones To Cover Your Needs

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In a world where we occasionally drop our phones and then deal with cracked screens, its probably a good idea to buy smartphones that don’t go hard on our budgets and cover our needs in the best possible way, because, lets be honest, who doesn’t want value for money. Here’s a short handpicked list of smartphones that fall in the category.


Lenovo P2

The Lenovo P2

Price on Amazon: 319$

The Thing about Lenovo P2 is not only that it is cheap but its specs are quite impressive for a phone that costs this much. An octa-core processor and a 4GB Ram have you covered for any rough job you might want to use it for. And now for the best part, it contains a 5100mAh battery. Lets compare this to the Samsung Galaxy S8, its battery is 3000mAh. Sounds great?


Moto G4

Price on Amazon: 169.45$

So whats good about the Moto G4, I’d say the best thing is its octa-core snapdragon processor which gives better performance than any other smartphone in this price. A 2Gb Ram and a 13MP camera are quite competitive for a phone in this price, the only thing I would point out here is that the Moto G4 might not look as great as many other smartphones for those of us who are conscious about the design along with specs.


Samsung Galaxy J5

Price on Amazon: 125$

The best thing about the J5 is the gold colour which definitely stands out. Although gold may sound a bit overrated. But heres the deal, we can’t get over it just like that, black and white smartphones are almost everywhere and gold isn’t a bad tryout. Moving on, a quad-core processor and 1Gb Ram, not too impressive but competitive I’d say.


Huawei Honor 6X


Price on Amazon: 249.99$

So here’s everything that gives you all the right reasons to go for the Huawei Honor 6X. A gold edition that looks quite impressive, a 4Gb Ram, a 64Gb internal storage and it supports 4G LTE. A 3340mAh battery lies competent for a smartphone in this price. The processor is a 1.7GHz octa-core one, not as great as a few other options but this smartphone, in general, is a pretty good buy.


Apple iPhone SE

Price on Amazon: 309$

An iPhone may sound entirely like an option that goes way off the budget but the iPhone SE has its own glamour. Its basically an iPhone 6S packed inside the casing of an iPhone 5S. This smartphone is probably the best option for those of us who have a hard time shifting from iPhone to Android and still wish to cut down on budgets. It comes in a rose gold edition like the 6S. An A9 Chip and 4K video recording are my favourite features included in the iPhone SE. Everything about this smartphone makes it a great purchase.



Price on Amazon: 99.99$

For those whose fingers are used to ticking on larger smartphones like the Galaxy Note, this phone is an option like no other. A huge 6 inch display comes with a 13MP camera. What’s best? A finger print sensor. In this list, I’d say this smartphone takes the game to a whole new level with everything desirable at a surprisingly low price. An octa-core processor, a 2Gb Ram, and a 3390mAh battery. Doesn’t get better than this. Happy buying!




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