Top 5 Alarm Apps For Heavy Sleepers

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We’ve all had times when we sleep late and hope to be able to wake up early, though this may be extremely realistic for all those light sleepers, there are people like me who need something extra just to be able to open their eyes the morning and if you’re one of them, welcome to the one place that might just change things for good. Here’s a list of some of the most intense alarm clocks that can literally get any deep sleeper out of bed.



Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

So it basically just helps you get to your goal every morning and it makes sure you’re there. For example, the first thing you do every morning is brush your teeth so you take a picture of the wash basin and store it. When your alarm goes off in the morning, it can only be turned off by a similar looking picture of the wash basin, so yeah it’s pretty annoying and that’s exactly the point.



Morning Routine – Alarm Clock



So the app is a a lot like Alarmy only that there are certain features which make it more or less, extremely annoying. The first being that you don’t just add the picture of a single thing rather a series of things such as the wash basin, your tooth paste or even the box of your cereal. So it’s not just getting out of bed that matters, it’s also gonna make sure you’re not spending too much time the shower



Puzzle Alarm Clock



According to how technically you can think, the Puzzle Alarm clock gives you an option to choose what exactly you think you can do that in the morning. For example it may give you a puzzle and as the name implies, you will have different ones every morning. You may even choose maths, memory based or some random pattern based puzzles. In either case, it’s gonna make sure you’re up.



Shake it Alarm



This is gonna be great if you suck at maths, because all you have to do every time the alarm goes off is shake it until a “shake bar” is filled up and that is not gonna be some average shaking, its a good ten second shake just enough intense to make sure it waves off your sleep for good.



Sleep as Android



So this is like one of those hi-fi systems that take a fairy simple job to next level cool. The app is basically turned on and the phone is placed on your mattress, it then monitors your sleep depending on your movement and even detects whether you’re snoring. Then depending on whether you’re in deep sleep or light sleep, it wakes you up to a light pleasant sound (which can be adjusted to something more intense like puzzles and maths).

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