Top 5 Apps For Academic Success

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Every student out there has at least somewhere in their list of priorities to achieve academic success, and when the world is competitive, a really good academic profile simply means more than just course texts, the world is also digital and for the kind of academic success one really craves for, everything must go side by side. With this short list of free apps, maintaining a good academic year just gets a whole lot easier.




It works best for school going kids since the basic concept of this app is for parents to have better access to the academics of their children. The app registers students and then parents can access the grades of their kids along with a class average and attendance. Other than that parents get to know about their kids schedules and home/class work. Teacher’s comments about their students can be reviewed so it’s like a complete child monitoring system which goes essentially best for parents who cant spend a lot of time home or catch up with their kids academics.



The Stock Market Game

A recent study very strongly suggests that stock simulators can have exceptionally positive impacts on the academics and financial lives of kids of essentially all ages. By building saving and investing habits and making their financial knowledge stronger, a student benefits in a unique way. It also induces a sense of responsibility resulting in higher attendance and timely turning in of assignments. And most importantly, it subtly helps in getting better with maths.



UNN GP Calculator


This little app lets you calculate your grade point and then do all sorts of stuff with it like comparing with your class. It can also store your GP until the results of the next semester to let you create a cumulative score so you’re self reliant on judging your academic position. It can even share your information with your academic advisor (only if you permit that) and above all, it’s flexible in the situation if you don’t get the results for a specific class so you can still calculate your grade point and then edit it later on and calculate a cumulative grade point.




As kids start getting addicted to snapchat and instagram, or simply going through their Facebook every now and then, we can all see that a major portion of their day is wasted to devices and a study suggests that kids waste upto an average of 9 hours a day on phones. Limitly allows parents to control screen time and limit the time a certain can be launched so kids can start focusing on homework and consequently obtain better grades.




The app basically aims towards letting you comparing colleges and universities in terms of courses and grade charts so you it essentially aids you in making a decision as to where you should apply and also help you decide where you should actually go. It simply lays out the academic performance of various colleges for easier judging.















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