Top 5 Apps For Art Lovers

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Art is one unique thing that attracts equally unique people and though we may not see it but everyone has a different perspective for art. To some it’s not less than collecting Van Goghs and to some it can simply be decorating the living room. But when a smartphone becomes the most important thing in our lives, art lovers tend to bring their passion to life on their screens and so today we have a list of apps that tend to the needs of art lovers. They’re free and handpicked, read and enjoy!




I wont necessarily characterise the app as a picture editor because it essentially is not but for the most unique things one can plan to do with a picture is literally possible with this app. I love the cloning feature to imitate one thing and paste it again in the neatest possible way. Also it’s amazing for creating artwork including professional stuff like logos and brochures.




For the more devoted and practical art lovers, Artsy is no less than a true companion which helps you go through over 250,000 art works and also gives information regarding shows and exhibitions nearby. Also, more than just visualising, you can even buy art works that are available through international exhibitions.




Now imagine yourself in a position purchasing artwork online for your bedroom or living room wall and you would most probably wonder how it would look on your wall, Finestra lets you take an artwork and scale it to have it measured with the size of your room/wall so you know in advance how it would look the it’s actually up there. Artists publish their work and it’s also a platform for them to promote sales and create a startup.



Photos To Art

Ever loved a single post or a friends vacation snap so much that you just feel like saving it in your phone and forget it was ever there, in order to over come the monotony, Photos To Art lets you print pictures from your air printer directly from social media like Facebook, instagram and twitter.



Backgrounds HD

The first we see about art lovers is that their phones are heavily customised and we all know that customising a phone to your taste always starts with a wallpaper you love. Backgrounds HD comes with numerous genres with countless HD wallpapers with more being added everyday and for those who love going into the details, it literally gives sources and contacts of the artists or photographers who own the images. Sick right? This app literally has the potential to make just any person start loving art and pictures.



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