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It’s almost an entirely different life style if you’re a person who loves to eat out and by that I mean, try out different places all the time. And if thats the case, then I’m pretty sure you’ve been disappointed more number of times then you would want to tell. New places aren’t always up to our expectations so that gave us the idea to round up some apps that would genuinely help foodies in their quest for good food at different places all the time.






You’ve probably heard about it. So the app basically is meant to tell you what’s close by. In terms of good food, you get to know what kind of restaurants are around and also see their ratings and reviews so you instantly get a better picture of how the place is and what to expect from it. It also mostly tells you more information about the place like phone numbers so you can make reservations. You can even make check-ins to receive discount coupons and sometimes free food!





Especially if you’re travelling to a different place, you get the most honest and helpful reviews about a place if you’re using Trip Advisor. It gives all sorts of information about a place, even maps and stuff like how to get there and then above all, you can get countless opinions about a place that basically let you know in advance what to expect.






For those indecisive peeps like me who can’t decide where to go for dinner definitely need to download this app, first thing. It is basically like a gambling machine that randomly comes up with a place near you along with pictures, ratings, reviews and much more. All you do is set parameters and it gives a place¬† most suitable within them!



Chef’s Feed



So here’s one for those who get indecisive when it comes to what you’re gonna order when you’re finally at a place. Chef’s Feed gives you the recommendations of some of the top chef’s in the country. If a chef from the Hall Of Fame recommends lobsters from this particular place, then trust me, it’s gonna be good. Plus, what more could an indecisive peep want?







So here’s one app that’s all about reviews for a “huge” number of places. Like you literally find out everything about the place from the number of reviews it gets. Wont really help you look for a good place but if you’ve found a place then you can definitely judge what it’s like just by going through the Yelp reviews.

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