Top 5 Apps For Language Learning

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Learning new languages all the time is definitely the most interesting way to be productive during free time. Also it’s an amazing way to fill time slots that you have during the day. However learning a language thats not indigenous to your place can be next to impossible because you essentially have no one to speak it with but thats where the modernised world of gadgets comes in handy. We have rounded up some of the best apps of 2017 to help you with getting along with a new language and they’re particularly helpful if you’re travelling to a new place.





It consists of a step by step approach with dificulty increasing at every level as you advance and it uses a number of resources such as texts, pictures and audios to help you get started with an entirely new language and build a solid vocabulary for it. It helps in the most amazing ways because it gives you a learning and practice environment and an option for translating in your own language to make learning more effective and easier.





Starting off with fairly simple basics and moving on to more advanced language skills. This app also supports offline courses since one cant always have internet or consider yourself travelling by air and wouldn’t the best thing be to learn a language while you’re disconnected from the world. It supports a large number of languages to learn and it’s learning approach is somewhat the same as that of Duolingo, it shows images related to what is written and if you already have a hold of the language then you skip to the more advanced levels.




The busuu app provides an easier approach towards getting a hold of new languages and fairly faster too. It helps you get familiar with contexts of new languages and you can even choose which level to choose from ie. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Travel depending on where you currently stand with your skills on the new language.



Rosetta Stone Travel App


So the app basically is about professional-grade services to aid you in your learning of languages. If that’s not what you’re into then you’re in luck because there is a free app as well that helps travelers get familiar with phrases and simple everyday words.¬†You can also search for the translation of single words.



Google Translate


Google translate wouldn’t essentially be the best app for learning a particular language but if you’re searching for something for a particular language then this is probably the best option you have. For single words, it is pretty accurate so you’re good with google translate if you’re travelling around.




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