Top 5 Apps For Senior Citizens

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Age although is just a figure but up to a very important extent, age does matter and has probably the most significant effect on our daily rituals and activities. You wont see an infant at the pub having a beer or a 75 year old gentleman on a tricycle. So with that in mind, we rounded up a few apps that can generally make the lives of elder people comfortable or fun to a considerable extent. Who doesn’t want that especially when you’re living a retired life, so enjoy the list and recommend it to your seniors!




By far the most popular and user friendly video calling app I’ve encountered. Perfect for people of all ages really but just as convenient for older people as well. Seeing your loved ones at least once a day can definitely make your day. Hearing them speak, seeing your grandchildren and simply getting involved in such an engaging activity is more than just important for a person living a retired life.




With higher age figures come different responsibilities and taking care of yourself is a┬ávery important one. Of course one tends to forget things when they’re older and this little app in your phone becomes your best buddy when it comes to remembering routine medications. You simply feed in your routine and it takes care of the rest.




So this is like an amazing two-in-one entertainment and learning app. Personal health care companion and play mate. It comes up with a number of quizzes and puzzles that basically aim at helping you learn what is important, your dos and donts. Eat this and refrain from this, in the longer run you learn what diseases you can avoid by simply refraining from certain things and doing certain things so in the longer run, you’re happy and healthy.





With more age, it is no implicit fact that your senses start to dim but it’s not all that saddening when you know you have alternates. Audible is one app that is based specifically for voracious readers because with less vision you cant essentially stop what you love doing. With a library of over 180,000 audio books, audible has you covered.



Calorie Counter

So as the name suggests, one can very easily make out that the basic purpose of this app isn’t just intended to the healthy living of senior citizens, any gym going person or someone simply aiming to a healthier living can benefit from this wonderful little application. The app counts your calories and helps you stay in shape by letting you know when the daily optimum amount of calories have been taken up. Good for the young and and even better for the grown ups!




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