Top 5 Portable Projectors Of 2017

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With new technology just around the corner everyday, portable projectors are getting more and more common and now it’s something almost everyone can keep. There were days when a projector was something huge, only the big commercial cinemas used to have it. Then came home projectors and now there are pocket projectors. Gone are the days when entertainment was difficult and required a massive amount of preparation, now it’s just a click away. So we have a list of some of the best portable projectors and now you’ll know what to buy when you go out to buy it.


LG Mini Beam LED Projector (PH550)

Price: £402

So it gives a very good video and image quality if you’re not up for something big because 720p video output is relatively low for big entertainment systems. Other than that it gives Bluetooth connectivity, built in TV tuner and a number of ports so you have a wide range of input methods. Also you don’t need any power connections to run it since it comes with a rechargeable battery. It is super light weight but does not offer any zooming so it’s a neutral option at this price.



AAXA M5 Mini Projector

Price: £449

So it’s a very good option at this price if you’re buying it with the intention of presentations with short video clips. The reason being, you have a rechargeable battery and very good connectivity options. Moreover it’s super light weight which makes it ultra portable. But the video quality is just okay, occasionally even gives rainbow artifacts and over saturated colours so you can’t count on it for long term entertainment.



Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

Price: £215.99

One thing that beats everything else is its low price and a surprisingly good picture quality that comes with it. Though it blurs out the text in running videos and images and doesn’t give a very sharp brightness but as a package, the video quality isn’t bad at all. You get a rechargeable battery and a very stylish small design which makes it portable. A lamp life of 20,000 hours is pretty good but you only get limited connectivity choices.



RIF6 Cube

Price: £249.95

Other than two small underwhelming features, the RIF6 is a pretty good option, that being a poor video quality which gives the rainbow effect and it’s slow performance touch pad. Other than that you get an elegant design and an HDMI port which is MHL enabled so you get to mirror phones and it comes with an sd card slot but there’s no wireless connection.



XSories X-Project WiFi

Price: £484

The projector gives a number of connectivity options including WiFi, USB, sd card and a 4 GB internal memory but what sets it back is its poor response of the touch pad and the rainbow effect in the projected video. So for this price, I believe it could have been better but it’s still a strong competitor.




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