Top 5 Video Editing Apps For Beginners And Pros

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The photography trend is on its hype these days and with that comes the greatest demand for reliable picture and video editing apps and softwares. People getting professional at it are already making a good buck for themselves through it and with some very limited equipment one be a professional photographer, a properly working app becomes a bare necessity. We’ve gathered some of the most wonderful apps that ┬ádo the job professionally.



The FilmoraGo maintains very high standards to satisfy their customers with all sorts of video editing features including video clip trimming, subtitles and text, add filters and overlays. You can do almost everything with it like adding music and making your videos look as professional as you want them. The interface is easy and user friendly, so you wont be bored using it. Though services of this caliber cost money but the FilmoraGo infact free but there are in-app purchases that make your working even more comfortable. The app is available on iOS and Android and can most conveniently be placed among the top video editing apps.



Can be characterized as the most convenient and easy to use app because its great for beginners. For those who are new to video editing can get along really well for a number of reasons. It can be used like a Windows Movie Maker where you can combine images and videos super quickly and make a whole movie out of it. You add music tracks behind it, control the volume at different times during the movie and add subtitles etc. Like a website creating service gives you a number of templates to work on, this app can give you a number of themes to work on. You can get Magisto for free on iOS and Android.



For all those who edit their videos on an Apple device then this is one app that is exclusively yours because it is not available on Android. The best thing about this app is that it makes the part where you add text to your movie super easy. You can add subtitles and all other kinds of texts and then choose from a range of options like how long it should appear in your film. You can select the text font, text opacity and synchronize it with the music. This is the most of part of the free version and if you have the paid version then you can completely edit your videos and use features like clip trimming.



As the name suggests, this app lets you time lapse videos that can cover a lot of stuff happening in a short period of time by increasing the rate at which the video proceeds. Perfect for part time video editors who do it for fun. The app is increasingly user friendly that supports all sorts of different video editing features like clip trimming and adding filters.


Adobe Premiere Clip

Although Adobe isn’t every ones place of expertise but this version is highly simplified meaning almost everyone with basic experience with video editing can make very professional looking content using the app. It serves an all-in-one purpose where users can not only edit and create movies but also edit them and share them across a number of social media platforms.

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