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If you happen to be the chap who loves book reading but hates carrying a book (or books) wherever you go then you my friend are like many others. 

While many people already use the Amazon Kindle which can be used to download (or purchase) books from the Amazon book store, and while I personally use the Kindle but since not everyone is fond of particularly buying and carrying an extra device unless they are extreme level book lovers, we will consider other options.


So here are some apps that you can download on your phone and without having to carry other than your phone, you can conveniently read on the go!



Price: Free

Though the app is free but won’t be much use unless you have an already established Amazon account. The Kindle app is an amazing e-reader with a number of features like visual customisation options and an already available dictionary. The app also gives you an option to save information we read on the web in the kindle app by using the Send To Kindle feature. The only thing I don’t like about the kindle app is that you always need to provide a credit card even if you’re downloading free books. If you can manage that, then the app is totally worth being your e-reader.



Aldiko Book Reader

Price: Free (Paid Versions Available)

The Aldiko Reader is a really great tried and tested application. Other than just downloaded books, it supports many other formats such as EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. Though not many people do this but if you have borrowed an e-book from your library then you can also read it on the Aldiko Reader. The free version doesn’t support all the features but just enough to make your reading pleasant.



Google Play Books

Price: Free

The best thing about Google Play Books is that it supports a number of resources including google translate, maps and wikipedia etc. Though users can only read books obtained from the Google Play Store but that doesn’t put a limit to anything because google store has a wide variety of books from all genres.




Price: Free (Paid Versions Available)

The app is available on Play Store and mainly supports PDF and DJVU files. The thing about this is that it can be used as a document viewer so it can pretty conveniently work as an ebook reader. The app can more properly used for reading textbooks because it includes features like text selection, external dictionary support, annotations and text notes.



Price: Free

Just another eBook reader thats absolutely free but stands out because of the numerous formats it supports including EPUB, FB2, RTF, Doc, HTML, and simple text. What’s even better is that it supports Amazon Kindle eBooks (AZW3) which is very rare. It also works on windows phones so here’s something truly out of the box.



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