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So you’re passionate about music, we dig it! That’s why we have gathered some of the best music apps for you here today. Now moving on to the list,


TuneIn Radio

For all those radio lovers out there, introducing you to my favourite radio app. TuneIn radio allows you to listen to literally any radio station from anywhere around the world. You can even search for a song or artist and it gives you a list of all the stations around the place playing that song/artist. It’s almost like a flexible radio that bends to your choice. For iPhone users who can’t listen to radio without the radio receiver, TuneIn radio has them covered. The app is free but you can upgrade to pro version to record the station you’re listening to.



The Shazam music app does more than just let you listen to music, when you’ve listened to a song on it, you get to share it, watch a music video for it on Youtube, read the album reviews, create a music station of the artist on Pandora and even get tour information. It’s great for those who don’t have a stagnant taste for music and like to be surprised with new music and artists all the time.



Never has a music app been as famous as SoundCloud and never have I personally experienced a music streaming app with a collection of songs and artists as enormous as the one on SoundCloud. It allows users to upload their own audio as well so its a collection of music from the pros and music from the newbies. You can search for music and artists and follow them too. It even lets you save a playlist and share it with others. The all in one music app!


Like any other radio app, Pandora lets you search for an artist/song and streams music. Its recommend though to use WiFi because buffering can be a nuisance. But on the bright side, it allows you to save playlists and place bookmarks. It also shows songs that have been recommended by other users and you can even rate songs. Best of all, Its free!



Probably the best thing about the Spotify music app is that it lets you follow artists for their upcoming music. For all those Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fans out there waiting to hear next tracks ASAP might as well follow them on Spotify and be the first to hear them. Also Spotify lets you sync music from your desktop, it can be installed on Windows and Mac as well, every reason to try it today.


Happy Listening!

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