What’s The Deal With Blackberry Now

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Blackberry was once the biggest deal out there and this was long before advent of smart phones (that was the time of the first iPhone in 2007). Owning Blackberry meant business and it spoke of affluence. Starting from the very basics, where did they go wrong? Prosperity is only closest to you when you’re flexible with the time, Blackberry was arrogant and it didn’t welcome the chafe that iPhones brought about in the world of mobile phones.

What Just Happened here?

They continued with the past traditions of BlackBerry World and never introduced an Application Store that was as diverse as the current two largest stores being the App Store and the Playstore. Neither did they change their ways when Android started thriving into the smart phone business. After Samsung accepted Android and Apple continued furnishing the iOS, Blackberry was already lagging behind and the Z10 was probably the last device that had somewhat a success in the market but nowhere close to the prestige that Blackberry once enjoyed.

Nokia Too?

All this simply because they didn’t embrace the change that time had directed the attention of smart phone users towards which. Nokia probably had a similar route and they held on to Windows and spent quite a lot of time trying to make it the next big thing but Android and Apple had already reached the climax of their workmanship and nothing seemed to be able to change perspectives of the masses ever since.
However, Blackberry now gave in to Android (and so did Nokia) and starting from the very fact that Android has proved itself as a very tried and tested Operating System user friendly not only because it actually is but rather because everyone has enough exposure to Android these days that almost everyone is comfortable with it. They did a pretty decent job with the Blackberry Priv also ensuring the fact that the phones looks great and this was one thing that made Blackberry phones stand out. The sliding keyboard of the Priv (although not used very often since I also have the Priv and I almost never use it) but it adds to the Aesthetics of the device in the most successful manner.
The Blackberry KEYone is a total game changer when it comes to performance and aesthetics and with a price tag much more appealing then most high end phones, it can very appropriately be your next smartphone choice.

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